Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sorry for not updating yesterday, but I totally crashed around 8 last night and it was a good sleep. Anyway, I know for a fact that I didn't even eat 1000 calories yesterday because I didn't eat much at lunch. I wasn't supposed to eat at lunch, but I did anyway. I did a quick weigh in wearing street clothes, but no shoes and the scale said 173.8. Not bad, but I gotta take that Senna tea soon. Maybe I'll even buy some magnesium citrate. That stuff is powerful, so don't plan on going anywhere for the entire day unless you have a Port-A-Potty with you at all times. Besides that, I think that was all that happened yesterday. Updates later!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's A Wonderful...

Finally!!! I finally took a crap today!!! I hate being constipated!!! I even went and bought some Senna laxative tea from my health food store today. I haven't taken any yet because it apparently takes 6 to 12 hours to take effect and I don't have that kind of time to sit back and wait for stuff to happen.

Moving on, I tried something new while I was at the health food store: Acai juice.
Ignore the clutter around the bottle. I tried it in the light version because it has less sugar. It actually tastes pretty great, but I wouldn't buy this on the regular because it costs just over 2 dollars for the 12 ounce bottle. Maybe this attributed to my bowel movement.

No weigh-in today due to the fact that I knew I was weighed down by some extra waste.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quick Weigh-In

I'm very excited about today's number: 174.2!!!! Yay!!!! I weighed myself after dinner today and I know I'm a little constipated, so I can't wait to get all that extra weight out of my system. I'm thinking of buying a laxative tea to help relieve myself because my fiber supplements aren't enough.

Edit...of another day

I was rereading an entry I wrote a couple days ago and I realized that it sounded a little anorexic-like. I said something like "I can eat under 1000 calories for the day". If anyone out there reads this, let me clarify this for you. I have to force myself to eat more because I never realized that if you were eating the right foods, how much you can eat of them and still not consume a large number of calories. So I do try to hit at least 1000 calories for the day, I am not trying to "starve myself skinny". That's what I say when my family goes on vacation and my dad only wants us to pay for 1 meal a day(lunch) because he thinks we don't need more food than that. I want to obtain my goal weight in a healthy manner.
Sidenote: I think Splenda made me sick. I have the illest headache today and I've never gotten a headache like this from lack of sleep or lack of food. I'm going to sleep early tonight and see how my head feels if I eat Splenda tomorrow.

Lunch Update

Today's lunch menu is brought to you courtesy of: La Sierra University cafeteria. As always. So I grabbed the usual fruit and a few vegetables, but I also grabbed a small bowl of spinach bow-tie pasta salad. Picture below:
I tasted it and it tastes ok, not greasy or anything, but I doubt that I'll finish eating all of it. I'll probably grab a can of salmon and mix some black pepper in and eat that. It tastes way better, in my opinion.

Yummy New Breakfast Food

So this morning, I attempted to make peanut butter balls with 1/2 cup of quick oats, 2 tbsp of organic peanut butter, 2 tsp of Splenda, and 1/8 tsp of cinnamon. That's what the closeup above is. Look under the jump to see it in my ready-to-go container.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Day - Shopping and Eating

So let me start by saying I'm really surprised at how well my diet is going. I can eat all sorts of things(in moderation, of course) and still be well under 1000 calories for the day. For example, I can eat 3 Hershey's special dark chocolate kisses for only 60 calories. If you suck them instead of biting them, they last for quite a while. Without further ado, here's a pic of my lunch:
So I actually ended up eating about half at lunch with a cup of reduced fat milk and the other half I had for dinner. At dinner I also had 5 wheat Saltines with 1 tbsp of organic peanut butter(I poured the oil off), 5 Hershey's special dark kisses, and 1 reduced fat string cheese. I'm also now finishing up the remains of a 90 calorie pack of fruit snacks. It's taken me at least 30 minutes to eat them now and I still have 2 left.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lunch at Souplantation

So I did keep healthy but I ate soooo much!!! And I had a lemonade with the pulp in it. It wasn't too sweet so I hope there weren't too many calories in it. And the piece de resistance, my salad:
No dressing, just cherry tomatoes, kidney beans, corn, lettuce, green peppers, cabbage and carrots. It was delicious! Here's what my less healthy best friend had:

Not so good since he smothered it in ranch dressing and croĆ»tons. And he also ate a baked potato chopped with sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese along with some creamy clam chowder. Yikes! That's a lot of calories, but he's a guy and he plays basketball a lot so he'll be fine.

Eating Out

So my best friend hit me up after class today and asked me if I wanted to go and grab something to eat with him. This is my first team eating out since I have started this diet. Hopefully I get something really healthy and filling with a low calorie count.

Besides that, I discovered today how filling those almonds can be. I ate 8 almonds after class because I'm starving and the cafeteria wasn't open yet(which I won't be going to since I'm going out to eat) and within minutes my hunger pangs went away. I have to ask my mom to send me some more of those almonds! They're raw and that's honestly the way almonds and cashews taste best to me. They both taste kind of sweet, almonds tasting a little like coconut even.

Good Morning....Internet

I'm up bright and early today! I just came back from the gym and I was feeling a little light-headed this morning so I only got  to 21 minutes on the elliptical before I got off. It said that I burned 235 calories in those 21 minutes so I'm pretty content with that. I'm gonna get to my daily bowl of oatmeal now before I faint out of hunger!

Edit: Totally forgot to tell you that the scale said I weigh exactly 175 pounds without my shoes.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yes, I'm updating twice in one day. Remember the early days when I used to update more than once a day? Me neither. Seems like so long ago. Anywho, I just came back from the gym. I weighed myself with my shoes on before workout and the scale said 178.something. I can't remember what it said. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical at resistance level 5 and I burned 558.5 calories. Woohoo!!! If I do this everyday, I can burn at least a pound of fat off every week just through working out, not even considering my diet. Then I played a little basketball for 30 minutes and came back to tell you everything I did. Oh, and I weighed myself after I got off the elliptical and I weighed 176.2 without my shoes. I think this is my actual weight now. And funny fact for the day: When I tell people I weigh almost 180 pounds, no one believes me. They're convinced the scale is broken and I can't weigh more than 150-160 pounds. Well I do, and that's that. I think having size 36G breasts can weigh down a person quite a bit.

Edit: I just found out that 36G breasts weigh about 5 pounds each. So let's subtract 10 pounds from my current weight to see what the rest of my body weighs and we get....... 166.2 pounds. Ok, so maybe that's why people can't believe how much I weigh. I can't wait until I weigh 166 or less. I'm gonna work my butt off(literally...ok maybe not. I have a pretty nice normal butt.) to get there. Hope all my weight loss dreams come true!!!

New Diet, New Me

Hey guys!
I'm back for real this time!!! So I've started on a new and improved healthy diet. I'm eating lots of fruits and vegetables, I'm getting protein and a few carbs. A typical day goes something like this: