Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Day - Shopping and Eating

So let me start by saying I'm really surprised at how well my diet is going. I can eat all sorts of things(in moderation, of course) and still be well under 1000 calories for the day. For example, I can eat 3 Hershey's special dark chocolate kisses for only 60 calories. If you suck them instead of biting them, they last for quite a while. Without further ado, here's a pic of my lunch:
So I actually ended up eating about half at lunch with a cup of reduced fat milk and the other half I had for dinner. At dinner I also had 5 wheat Saltines with 1 tbsp of organic peanut butter(I poured the oil off), 5 Hershey's special dark kisses, and 1 reduced fat string cheese. I'm also now finishing up the remains of a 90 calorie pack of fruit snacks. It's taken me at least 30 minutes to eat them now and I still have 2 left.

I went to the supermarket today and picked up the following groceries:
100 calories per granola bar. Yummy!!!
I think this is my new favorite food. I had no idea how much I loved salmon!! Added bonus: only 90 calories per 3 oz can! And no can opener required!
I used to eat these all the time just because I liked the way they tasted! Only 100 calories!
I bought some Splenda to make peanut butter balls with oats and cinnamon. I never realized how light Splenda was until I picked up the box! I even picked up other boxes to make sure my box wasn't leaking or something.
Yummy!!! I like dark chocolate way better than milk chocolate so I'm happy!! The bag says a serving is 9 kisses for 180 calories but I can eat less and be satisfied.
Mentos sugar free gum. I never realized the effect that dieting could have on my breath. It feels funky all the time so I got some gum to combat that smell. I heard parsley works for bad breath too.
Measuring cups and spoons to accurately measure out my peanut butter, Splenda and oats.
Organic peanut butter! I read online about pouring the oil off instead of stirring it in, so I did that. I actually enjoy the taste of this peanut butter, and it's really filling. I only ate 1 tbsp instead of the recommended serving size of 2 tbsp.
My food stash!!!! I feel like such a fatty until I count up the number of calories I eat for the day. Then I get all proud of myself for showing self-control. I bought the Top Ramen, pineapple chunks(in fruit juice, not syrup), and the Scooby Doo fruit snacks(the unidentifiable box that's open) a week ago so they weren't in my shopping pictures and my big container of quick oats isn't up on the shelf like it usually is(I didn't put it back up there after breakfast this morning).

And I weighed in at the gym tonight after dinner and it says 174.8, so I know I weigh less since I was weighed down by my food and water. I also did some light weights for my arms and thighs. Let's see....oh and since I walked to the supermarket and back, I definitely walked over a mile for the day. That's all for now!

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