Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Edit...of another day

I was rereading an entry I wrote a couple days ago and I realized that it sounded a little anorexic-like. I said something like "I can eat under 1000 calories for the day". If anyone out there reads this, let me clarify this for you. I have to force myself to eat more because I never realized that if you were eating the right foods, how much you can eat of them and still not consume a large number of calories. So I do try to hit at least 1000 calories for the day, I am not trying to "starve myself skinny". That's what I say when my family goes on vacation and my dad only wants us to pay for 1 meal a day(lunch) because he thinks we don't need more food than that. I want to obtain my goal weight in a healthy manner.
Sidenote: I think Splenda made me sick. I have the illest headache today and I've never gotten a headache like this from lack of sleep or lack of food. I'm going to sleep early tonight and see how my head feels if I eat Splenda tomorrow.

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